Saturday, 7 January 2012

Who am I?

Writing my final paper in civil engineering, I could understand how important it is saving energy in buildings. About this topic there are already many blogs (some of them very interesting), and so I will not to propose an additional one, because it would be only an imitation. And you know, the original is always better than a copy. My intent is to collect the various technologies that have been introduced over the past decades to offer an alternative to those existing now. Most of them are based on chromogenic materials, a term introduced by Lampert and Granqvist to define the materials that change their properties according to the stresses which they are subjected. The definition of "chameleon building" derives from them. In fact, they are explicable by the thought of a famous english architect, Richard Rogers, who in 1978 wrote: "A building becomes a chameleon which adapts”. So he was in disagree with thoughts of his predecessors that also affect today's designs. Some solutions will be futuristic, utopian and unrealizable, but you know, sometimes it's in the impossible the best strategy for the future.

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